Hello guys, how are you? Today I will write about architectures for Distributed Systems.

An important distinction who we need to do about concepts is what are system architecture and software architecture.

A system architecture is about how the components of a distributed system are placed across multiple machines. It focuses on the entire system. An example would be a e-commerce system containing a web front-end, a service layer, and a database.

About the software architecture, it tells us about the logical organization of software components, that is, how they interact between them, your structures, how they can be independent…

Hi! Today I will start a series of posts about an important branch in Computer Science: Distributed Systems and related topics. But why did I decide to write about Distributed Systems? What is the relevance of this? What is the motivation?

Distributed systems has had a huge rise in recent years. Subjects like mobile apps, cloud computing, analytics, data/CPU intensive apps and Big Data have boosted the use of distributed resources on the Internet. …

If you are using React, you should understand how the Reconciliation process works. Why? This algorithm is the great trick behind React’s performance and understanding how it works helps in the decision making process for creating better performance apps.

The React documentation explains how the algorithm works but the idea here is to deepen it a bit more.

The problem

An advantage of React over iOS and Android SDK's is that the developer has less effort in implementing screen updates. But for this to be possible, the React API needs to solve a complex problem of reconciliation of components.

Every time that…

Jhonatan Ríchard Raphael

Software Engineer at IBM iX

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